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Take a Stroll Through my Garden

Barred Rock Hens

My two best pets! time to go to bed

pullet eggs
chickonchair.jpg - 18.21 Kchicks.jpg - 9.58 K

They want my strawberries! Another fine place to roost

Mow and fertilize at the same time!

As you can see we have lots of fun with our chickens. They like to sneak into the house but we kick them out when we catch them. Until they are house broke they have to stay outside. These are the only chickens I have owned that don't roost on their perch in the hen house. They prefer the front porch. I have to spray down the porch everyday because it seems that chickens poop even in their sleep.

They used to roost on my lawn mower but I put an end to that! My lawn mower needs to be repaired. It would not start this spring. Should I wash it off before I take it to the shop? Maybe I will take it in as is and tell the shop to fix the shitty thing. This lawn mower was a gift from a departed friend of mine who had Lou Gherigs Disease and could no longer drive it. This machine is very special to me.

They just started laying eggs. Young chickens are called pullets and they lay pullet eggs. Pullet eggs are extra special, they are also small. Home grown eggs from free ranging hens have bright yellow/orange yolks. The yolks are very firm and it is easy to cook them over easy without breaking the yolk.

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{Squash} {Poppy} {Chicken} {Trees}
{Brussels Sprouts}