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Clown Loach

2 Very Young Clown Loaches 11/2000

Clown Loaches

I have not had clowns for very long and do not have many pictures yet. I will post more pictures here soon. I bought 4 clowns but only two of them lived. The other two just sort of wasted away. One of my clowns was much bigger than the others and it would not eat anything but bloodworms. I understand that is common with larger wild clowns. I was going to try to ween it off blood worms once it got healthy. But a sudden drop in PH in my tap water killed it.

I did not know that my PH dropped until after I did a water change and three of my fish died. I think the water company was flushing the mains and using chemicals that lowered the PH. Normally the PH of my tap water is 7.8 but it was dropping all the way down to 7.2 during the day and then bouncing back up to 7.8 at night. The 7.2 tap water stayed at 7.2 no matter how long it was in the tank so it was not a matter of the water being less aerated.

29gallon.jpg - 14.48 KMy clown loaches ate all of the pond snail in my tank in very short order. They also love bloodworms. I feed them flake food, sinking tables and bloodworms. They live in a 29 gallon tank and I will move them up to a larger tank if they out grow it. I change at least 30 percent of the water weekly. Sometimes I change the water almost daily depending on what mood I am in.

The tank they are in is currently filltered by a Fluval 204 canister an Aquaclear 150 power filter and an undergravel filter that has one lift tube and is powered by the smallest powerhead that I could find. The Aquaclear is not kept on the tank at all times, I switch it back and forth between my breeding tank and my community tank. Their tank is moderatly planted and has rocks and drift wood in it. It has black gravel and 200 watts of light provided by a home made light strip that utilizes screw in flourescent bulbs. They share the tank with a large school of leopard and zebra danios, a small school of neon tetras, 7 cory catfish, a chinese algae eater and a three spot blue gourami.

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