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Behavioral Health Resources of Mason County

"Help Us Heal Our World", that is their fundraising motto. But a quick phone call revealed that their "world" only includes folks who have medical insurance through the State of Washington Department of Health and Human Services. They solicit donations on their website but fail to mention that they ONLY treat people with Medicaid. (See the Eligibility Criteria for Medicaid) They do not take Medicare or any other type of insurance. They do not have a sliding fee scale, they do not offer free services. The woman on the phone (Behavioral Health Resources Mason County (360) 426-1696 (800) 825-4820 110 West K Street, Shelton WA 98584) made it very clear. If you are mentally ill and live in Mason County and do not have Medicaid (that would be the majority of the mentally ill) you are expected to wander the streets untreated.

Here are some of their claims

Established by BHR in 1995, the Foundation is guided by a concerned volunteer board who solicit, manage, and distribute charitable gifts contributed to improve the mental health of our Puget Sound Communities.

You can help the Foundation's activities by:

Becoming aware of the mental health needs and services in your community Requesting a speaker for your organization's next meeting Becoming a volunteer for one of BHR's programs Responding with a generous financial or in-kind donation when you receive our mailing Participating in Foundations events such as the House Party Event in June, and the Swantown Regatta in September Consider leaving a legacy to your community through the Foundation's estate planning services Becoming a friend of the Foundation

To do any of the above, give us a call at 360-704-7170 and ask for the CMHF Foundation or you may contact the Foundation at

It is my opinion that these folks are pulling a con job on good hearted
people who want to donate for mental health services. I have to wonder
where all the donated money goes. Who gets treated with this money?
In my opinion they should not be soliciting donations when they ONLY treat
people who have DSHS insurance.

One in five persons with severe mental illness are uninsured, and Medicare or Medicaid insures 37 percent

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